View from Gulf
Friends waiting for dinner
Pick a spot right on the water

Fly-ins are welcome

A little tight but OK
Great Sunsets to fly into
Good Bye
Canal View of Park
Convenient Dock Facilities

Walking distance just down the road is the beach and pier.

Some of the most incredible sunsets anywhere.
Let's chase some birds
Deven Heard, 8 years old, catches this monster trout with his FIRST CAST!! He caught it just off the banks of the Old Pavilion RV Site in 2 feet of water!
One of many majestic Bald Eagles that call the Keaton Beach area home. There are 3 to 6 pairs of nesting Eagles that rear their young in the area each year.
Who says the Red Fish are bigger than the trout? Spyridon Aibejeris, Co-Owner of the Old Pavilion RV Park shows his fishing skills with one each Trout and Redfish that any angler would be proud of.
Beautiful Rainbows every summer. The best thing is the cooling showers that come with the rainbow!
Don't be surprised if you see Adult Eagles teaching their offspring how to fish

Another lazy beautiful evening. HEY! I'm hungry! Who's cleaning fish?

Come hang out with US! The fishing is great and the water is fine!
V Marks the Spot!